Yes!  However, it takes the proper system setup to be able to regulate it well.  First, the system must be sized properly for your home/building.  If a system is too large it will not run long enough to pull enough moisture from the air. This is known as short cycling.  Having longer run cycles will allow the unit to remove more moisture from the air.

Second, a humidity control thermostat is needed.  These thermostats sense both the temperature and the humidity levels in the home.  When the thermostat senses that it needs to pull additional moisture from the air, it will tell the system to operate in dehumidification mode.  This lowers the blower speed and causes the air air to move slower across the coil.  Therefore, the coil gets colder and the air has longer contact time with the coil.  This causes more condensation to form and more moisture to be removed from the air.

Can a homeowner install one of these thermostats themselves?  No, not typically.  It is best to have a professional complete this type of upgrade.

Some systems are more capable than others.  We would be happy to take a look at your system to see if we can help make you more comfortable in your house.

(Since we are located in South Louisiana where the air is thick as the swamp, I only addressed reducing humidity.  In some areas of the country, it is desirable to increase the humidity level.  For this there are several humidifier options that can be added to an HVAC system.  If you live in one of these ares, we recommend contacting a local professional for assistance.)