Hiring a licensed and insured contractor is one of the most important steps to choosing an air conditioning company. If you hire an unlicensed and insured contractor you are opening yourself up to many risks. For instance, some homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover a claim if the damage was caused by an unlicensed contractor that you hired. That means if a fire is started and the contractor doesn’t have insurance, your homeowner’s policy may deny your claim. If a worker is injured while on your property and his employer doesn’t carry worker’s compensation insurance, he may attempt collect directly from you, the property owner.

The state of Louisiana requires that any HVAC work over $1500 must be done by a licensed company holding at least a Home Improvement Contractor License. Any HVAC work that exceeds $10,000 must be done by a licensed company holding a Mechanical Contractor License.

Don’t risk it! Only hire a company who will show your CURRENT insurance paperwork and a state Mechanical Contractor License.

You can check the status of any company’s license at: http://www.lslbc.louisiana.gov/contractor-search/